On MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, Leader Pelosi Echos the Call for Unity In Wake of Congressional Shooting

Today, Leader Pelosi joined Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports to discuss the need to come together in support of Whip Steve Scalise and the other victims of the shooting that took place at the Congressional baseball practice in Virginia.  She highlighted the heroism of the Capitol Police, and said that everyone will be on Team Scalise during the Congressional Baseball game tonight.

Leader Pelosi also commented on reports that President Trump is under FBI investigation for obstruction of justice, stating that his abuses of power reinforce the immediate need for an outside, independent commission.

Below are the highlights.

On Calling for Unity in the Aftermath of the Shooting in Virginia:

“Right now we’re all praying very hard and using our energy to transmit to [Whip] Steve [Scalise] that he get well, to give our comfort to his family, and again also to the others who were injured.”

“It is a family thing.  Every death in our country is a sad one, especially for gun violence.”

“We’re addressing the emergency that we have right now which is to get Steve [Scalise] through this, the others through this, and then there’ll be a time to have discussions about the appropriate comments that people made about the need for background checks.”

“The Capitol Police have been wonderful, we’ve all sung their praises for what happened yesterday, but they take risks every day.  We lost two in 1998, they lost their lives.  So they have the best appraisal of danger and security and we’re working with them as we go forward.”

“We’ll all be on Team Scalise tonight.  We’ll be on different sides to play the game, but all of the comradery that goes with it, but Team Steve Scalise is one team we will all be on, rooting for him.”

On Reports that President Trump May Be Under FBI investigation for Obstruction of Justice:

“Who cares what [Newt Gingrich] said?  Obviously, they have changed their tune.  The fact is, what we really need is an outside, independent commission.  Right now, we have [Robert] Mueller who is highly respected.  When you respect someone for objectivity in law enforcement, it doesn’t change the way – obviously Newt is being political Newt that he always is.”

“This should be a message to the American people.  A highly respected person accepted that responsibility.  I respect him as well, but I said we should have an in independent commission, as much as I respect him, because he is accountable to the Justice Department officials who were appointed by Donald Trump. This is one path, a good path, I think, but nonetheless inside the Trump Justice Department…  We need an outside objective review of the events and have the American people know.”

“The Russians – it’s a fact – hacked, probably altered, and definitely leaked information to undermine the election in our country.  So what’s important for us to know, is how can we protect the integrity of our own elections.”

On Trump’s Questionable Ties to Russia and Abuses of Power:

“I don’t know whether the President obstructed justice, but I do know that he abuses power.”

“I think the President needs a few good nights of sleep. He needs good legal guidance because clearly he is flirting with obstruction of justice.”

“I ask the question all of the time, what do the Russians have on President Trump politically, personally or financially, that he questions the value of sanctions on Russia for their aggressive behavior in Eastern Europe?  That he would put in question Article 5 of NATO? That he would give back opportunities for diplomats to be here, that were [impacted by sanctions] exacted on the Russians for what they did, for hacking in the elections. Something is wrong with this picture, something is wrong with this picture.  Is it criminal?  That remains to be seen.   Is it an abuse of power?  Very clearly.”

“The fact is decisions and statements are being made by the President which are laudatory of Putin, dismissive of our country and we want to know why.”