Pelosi Statement on GOP’s Secret Senate Trumpcare Bill

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement as Senate Republicans continued to engage in an unprecedented effort to hide their Trumpcare legislation from the public:

“Trumpcare’s assault on seniors and working families is indefensible and Republicans on both sides of the Capitol know it.  In the House, Republicans raced to pass Trumpcare before the CBO could expose its staggering consequences.  Now in the Senate, Republicans are once again racing toward a vote on a secret bill to blindside the American people.

“When Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act, we held hundreds of hours of open hearings and markups across more than a year of public debate on the legislation.  We ensured an up-to-date CBO estimate was available for the legislation being voted on every step of the way.  By contrast, Republicans have abandoned any pretense of an open or honest process for Trumpcare.

“The overwhelming majority of Americans oppose Trumpcare.  But instead of listening to the pleas of families, doctors, hospitals, and patient groups, Republicans are behind closed doors plotting to push tens of millions of Americans off their health coverage.  So long as the bill hands tax breaks to billionaires, the GOP doesn’t care what Trumpcare does to the health costs and care of hard-working Americans.  Trying to ambush the American people only confirms Trumpcare as the ‘mean’ and ‘cold-hearted’ monstrosity that it is.”