House Democrats: America’s Caucus

The beauty is in the mix.

The new 115th Congress has officially convened – giving us the chance to celebrate how far we’ve come as a nation.  And once again, House Democrats are proud of our historic dedication to diversity: the House Democratic Caucus of the 115th Congress is made up of a majority of women, minorities, and LGBT community members.

What’s more, the 115th Congress boasts an historic 65 House Democratic Women – the most women in a party’s Caucus in American History.  On a chilly January morning, those Democratic women braved the cold and took to the steps of the U.S. Capitol to remind us that when #WomenSucceed, America Succeeds.

This incredible representation of women in the Democratic Caucus is part of a larger trend: House Democrats swore in a new freshman class of dynamism and diversity – ready to fight for jobs and middle-class families in the 115th Congress.  Of the 26 new Democrats in the House, more than 2/3 are women and/or minorities. We are proud to embrace this diversity within our leadership as well, with fully half of our Committee leaders being women or minorities. In the Democratic Caucus, men and women of all backgrounds have more than just a seat at the table – they’re at the head of the table!

The House Democratic Caucus continues to reflect the full lived experience of the America people. It’s precisely that diversity – that deep-seeded connection to America – that will inspire House Democrats to fight every day of the 115th Congress on behalf of the hardworking men and women of this great nation.  The truth has never been more clear:

The Democratic Caucus is America’s Caucus.

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