Enough is Enough: House Democrats Take Action to Protect Our Democracy


This week, Americans witnessed a desecration of our democracy not seen since Watergate.  After weeks of dishonesty and secrecy, we saw cold, hard evidence that the Trump Campaign eagerly intended to collude with a hostile foreign power to influence an American election.  The American people deserve to know what the Russians have politically, personally or financially on President Trump.

Taking action on Russia is not just about addressing the brazen Russian aggression of the past; it is about preventing such attacks on our democracy from ever happening again.  House Democrats strongly support the inside investigation in the Justice Department under Special Counsel Mueller and the inside Congress investigation by the Intelligence Committees.  But to fully protect our democracy, we need an outside, independent commission to investigate Russia’s brazen interference in our election – and ensure that it never happens again.

Yet, since day one, Speaker Ryan and House Republicans have aided and abetted President Trump’s disregard about the Russian threat to our democracy.  They refuse to vote to create an outside, independent commission to investigate Russian interference in our elections.  They refuse to pass strong sanctions to show Russia that hacking our election has consequences.  And they refuse to lift a finger to hold the Trump campaign accountable for its complicity with the Russians by investigating top officials.

House Democrats believe that the American people deserve answers.  Today, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and House Committee Democrats highlighted Republicans’ failure to investigate and conduct oversight of the Trump Administration.

House Democrats announced an effort to force votes in key committees – Transportation and Infrastructure, Foreign Affairs, Homeland, Judiciary, Financial Services and Ways and Means – on Trump’s ties to the Russian government, Trump’s involvement with the Russians’ efforts to meddle in our presidential election, Trump’s conflicts of interest and other threats to our democracy posed by the President.  More than 300 requests for information from Democratic Members on these topics and other issues critical to the lives of the American people have gone unanswered by the Trump Administration.

In addition to creating an outside, independent commission to investigate and prevent further Russian meddling in our election, Democrats are calling on the GOP to join Democrats in requiring the Trump Administration to release all documents, legal memoranda and communications related to:

  • Conflicts of interest around the Trump Hotel lease agreement between the Government and the Trump Organization (Transportation and Infrastructure Committee);
  • Waiving, suspending, modifying, revoking or terminating sanctions against Russia (Foreign Affairs Committee);
  • Policies and activities of businesses owned or controlled by President Trump (Homeland Security Committee);
  • Secretary Sessions’ violations of his recusal from the Russia investigation, failure to disclose foreign contacts and involvement in the firing of then-FBI Director Comey (Judiciary Committee);
  • President Trump’s and the Trump family’s financial ties to Russia and conflicts of interest (Financial Services Committee);
  • President Trump’s hidden tax returns (Ways and Means Committee).