200 Days In, Trump Has Accomplished Nothing

What does President Trump have to show for the first 200 days of his presidency?  Not much.  He has spent 64 days visiting Trump properties, tweeted 1182 times since his inauguration and acquired more White House Chiefs of Staff, Communications Directors and FBI Directors (2 each) than major legislative accomplishments (ZERO) – even with the first GOP-controlled White House and Congress in a decade.  No wonder he’s ‘achieved’ the lowest approval rating at the six-month mark of any president in 70 years (38%).

Without taking action to raise wages, create good-paying jobs, invest in our crumbling infrastructure or avert a catastrophic default on the full faith and credit of the United States, the failures of Trump’s first 200 days are astonishing and unprecedented.  Sad even.  And headlines agree:

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NPR: With His Back Against The Wall, Trump Again Turns To Grievance Politics

While the President Trump celebrates his failed first 200 days with a 17-day vacation at his golf club, Democrats are fighting in very corner of the country to protect the health, pocketbooks and security of American families.