Pelosi Remarks at 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance Meal Packing Event

San Francisco – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke at the 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance Meal Packing Event.  Below are the Leader’s remarks:

Leader Pelosi.  Thank you Matty [Shirer], and thank you Ryan [Wells].  Thank you, Hands On Bay Area, and thank you Day of Remembrance.  Aren’t we proud but not surprised that this is the largest day of remembrance, and the people of San Francisco and the Bay Area are part of it?  It seems almost impossible, doesn’t it Rita [Semel], that it’s 17 years since 9/11?

So much has happened in the lives of the families affected, and one of the things I’m so proud of is that we’re here with our first responders.  Our heroes, our nobility: our police, our fire department.  That we were able to pass legislation to benefit those who had health concerns following 9/11.

But it always goes on and on.  And let’s remember by doing, remember by giving, that this is what this is all about.  That it should strike right to the heart of hunger in our community. To feed the hungry is a biblical challenge, and we will have some beautiful religious comments later as we gather here on holy day, Happy New Year, Rosh Hashanah.  Again, the City of St. Francis, the city where St. Francis said preach the gospel.  Doing what we’re doing here, we are preaching that gospel.

And I remember, and Rita [Semel], you do too, when we gathered at the civic auditorium following 9/11, and the community came together in a very blessed way, and that we would be gathered together. And I thank you for making this a national event, it used to be in New York, year in and year out, and now it’s in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Phoenix, Arizona.

For us to remember, that assault on our country, and it was an assault which strove to hurt us, but what it did was to unify us.  And that unity is what our founders wanted for us.  Unity, the strength of America.  You are the strength of America.

By demonstrating that unity of concern for people on the occasion of 9/11, and when we pause.  And that it happens on Rosh Hashanah, just makes it all the more poignant, when we pause and remember, but remember by doing.

So thank all of you, you are so special that you would come and give of your time – your groups, your organizations.

Reading the t-shirts of all the different groups present here.  Let me thank Ryan [Wells] and Matty [Shirer] for bringing us together. Thank all of you, give yourselves a hand.

Now I have the privilege of turning over the program to someone that has been a unifier. His whole life he has been a leader of the interfaith in SF for so many years.  Every Thanksgiving he brings us together for blessings and to understand our responsibilities. That is what he is doing here today.

Please welcome a great force of unity, although he’s Jewish, preaching the gospel while acting.  Whatever different religions we are, they are values that we share, and those values that we share are what bring us together today.  Mike Pappas, thank you, Mike Pappas.


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