GOP’s ‘Repeal and Replace’ is Back, and No One’s Happy About It

Remember when Sen. Mitch McConnell said Senate Republicans would ‘move on’ after multiple failures to ‘repeal and replace’ the ACA?  Well, apparently not.

The Trumpcare zombie is back yet again – this time as the Graham-Cassidy bill.  With this proposal, Senate Republicans are setting out to pursue another heartless, cruel attempt to strip millions of hard-working American families of affordable health care with:

  • Higher costs, less coverage – forcing families to pay much higher out-of-pocket health care costs, including deductibles.
  • Key protections gutted for people with pre-existing conditions, destroy essential health benefits, and reinstate the dreaded lifetime and annual limits on care.
  • A crushing age tax, exposing older Americans to higher premiums than what others pay for health coverage, no matter how healthy they are.
  • Stealing from Medicaid by ransacking funds that seniors depend on to get the long-term care they need.

Editorial Boards are speaking out against Republicans’ latest attack – slamming the Graham-Cassidy Trumpcare proposal and calling it no different, but only worse, than their previous ‘repeal and replace’ efforts.

New York Times: The Republican Health Care Zombie Is BackLike a bad sequel to a terrible movie … [Graham-Cassidy] would in many ways be worse than bills that came before.

San Francisco Chronicle: Obamacare alternatives fall short[Graham-Cassidy] would eliminate the ACA’s insurance mandates and subsidies and its expanded Medicaid coverage for low-income Americans.

Star-Ledger: The Obamacare Repeal Zombie has returned. Someone kindly kill it.In what is essentially a fourth bite of a poison apple, Republicans will attempt one last time to deprive tens of millions of people of their health care in order to give a trillion-dollar tax cut to the wealthiest Americans.

LA Times: If the GOP would only give up on repeal and replace it could actually make healthcare more affordableIt’s irresponsible for Republicans even to flirt with so major a proposal.

Mass Live: ‘Repeal and replace’ effort again rises from the deadThe latest plan … is a cruel, heartless, miserly effort.

Star Tribune: Remaining Obamacare repeal bill still offers the wrong prescription“Graham-Cassidy” is not new or innovative … [it] would threaten many Minnesota families’ health coverage and create a big budget hole for state taxpayers to fill.

Instead of playing politics with the lives of hard-working families, Congressional Republicans must do right by the American people and work with Democrats for bipartisan solutions to stabilize the marketplaces for 2018 and continue to drive down health costs.


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