All Tricks and No Jobs Agenda: 300 Days of GOP Majority in the House

For 300 days, Americans have knocked on the door of the GOP-led House calling for action on jobs—and for 300 days Republicans have doled out tricks instead of a jobs agenda. Now, just in time for Halloween, House Republicans are whipping out a new message mask to hide the fact they don’t actually have a plan to put the country back to work.

Instead of working with Democrats to pass President Obama’s American Jobs Act, the GOP will continue looking out for their special interest friends and only advance “small-bore bills” while millions of Americans continue searching for a job. Well, GOP trickery hasn’t fooled anyone so far…

69 percent of Americans say GOP policies favor the rich. [CBS News/New York Times poll]

And it won’t start now. Take peek at what’s actually inside the GOP goodie bag that pushes their special interest agenda under the guise of job creation»