Americans Support President's Jobs Agenda; GOP Asks: 'Where is Our Jobs Agenda?'

Last night, President Obama presented a vision of an economy that’s built to last, that ensures a strong middle class, that promotes fairness for working families, and that reignites the American dream.

And while Americans support the President’s proposals…

From last night’s CBS News Poll:

91 percent of Americans who watched the President’s speech approve of his proposals.

82 percent of those who watched the speech approve of the President’s plans for the economy.

75 percent of speech watchers believe the President’s economic plans will create jobs.

House Republicans realize it’s hard to support a GOP jobs agenda that doesn’t exist:

Politico – GOP frets over light agenda


That’s what a growing number of House Republicans have been saying privately — and now publicly — about what they’ve seen so far of their party’s 2012 legislative agenda.

Staring nervously at a high unemployment rate, with the November elections around the corner, GOP lawmakers are concerned that what their leadership is revealing for this year’s work is simply not enough…

“We need to get more done,” said Rep. Steve Stivers (R-Ohio), when asked if what has been laid out is enough. “Our unemployment in Ohio is still too high — it’s 8.5 percent. I remember when Ohio had 4.5 percent unemployment.”…