Americans Who Are Losing Their Jobs, Homes and Health Care Cannot Afford To Wait

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released unemployment numbers for June showing 467,000 jobs were lost and the unemployment rate is 9.5 percent.

Speaker Pelosi:

Today's unemployment numbers are another reminder of the years of failure to invest in making Americans the most highly educated and innovative workforce in the world–and years of delay on affordable health care and the clean energy jobs and industries that will sustain our economy for years to come. In full partnership with President Obama, Congress must continue to strengthen and transform America's economic foundation and improve our competitiveness, and we must do so in a fiscally responsible way.

We took the first critical step by passing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act earlier this year. Economists tell us unemployment numbers would be worse without the Recovery Act, but that is no consolation for the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs. Last week, the House passed a comprehensive energy solution that will create millions of clean energy jobs, and we will reform our health care system to lower costs for America's families and businesses.

This is a time for bold, bipartisan action because Americans who are losing their jobs, homes and health care cannot afford wait.

Congress will continue to work with President Obama in taking aggressive action to create and save jobs while investing in clean energy, education, and affordable health care to ensure a full economic recovery that will last for generations to come.

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