Appropriations Chairman Obey Responds to President's Veto Threat

From the Appropriations Committee:

Obey Responds to Veto Threat

WASHINGTON — Dave Obey (D-WI), Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, responded to yet another veto threat from a President unwilling to work with Congress to help veterans and the unemployed.

“The President is asking us to provide $108 billion in additional spending for the war in Iraq this year and almost $70 billion in additional war spending for next year, yet this morning he said that he would veto our efforts to expand the GI Bill for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and to extend unemployment benefits for workers who's benefits have been exhausted.

“Those two items cost less than one-tenth of what the President wants to spend in Iraq.

“The President seems to think that he can issue pronouncements like the great Yoda, and that the American people and the Congress will comply with his insistence to provide billions for the war in Iraq, but table scraps — or less — for war fighters and workers at home.

“That is not the way a democracy is supposed to work. In the Congress we will continue to press forward to meet our domestic and international obligations across the board. This is not the time for the President to hold his breath and turn blue. It's time for reasonable adults to compromise for the good of the country.”