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What’s In the Bill? GOP Says That’s a ‘Luxury We Don’t Have’

As support for Trumpcare continues to plummet (just 12% according to the latest poll), Senate Republicans’ failed strategy is to continue to re-release the bill in worse and worse iterations. Now, in a pinch to prove to Americans that Republicans are capable of any major legislative accomplishment, they’re plotting to hastily push through a bill which would mean higher costs for less coverage, millions of Americans losing coverage, and devastating cuts to Medicaid.

Republican Agenda ‘in Quicksand’

In less than two weeks, Congressional Republicans will leave for August recess without a single major legislative accomplishment. Trumpcare is rapidly collapsing under ferocious pressure from Americans across the country, and the House GOP budget – which is unlikely to pass the House – would ransack American investments in jobs and stack the deck even further against working families.

Editorial Boards to GOP: Stop Hurting Americans with Trumpcare

After every failure to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, Republicans have made Trumpcare even worse. Now Senate Republicans are pushing to ‘vote on the bill’ next week without any details of what “the bill” is. Regardless of what they propose, their Trumpcare bill will inevitably attack hard-working Americans with higher health costs, less coverage, and huge cuts to Medicaid.

Remember When House GOP Thought Trump-Russia Connection was Funny?

#FlashbackFriday: Remember when Speaker Ryan and House GOP Leaders ‘joked’ that Vladimir Putin ‘pays’ President Trump two months ago?

With the revelation of Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort meeting with a Russian lawyer, a former Russian counter-intelligence agent and [insert names of possible others here] to obtain ‘high level and sensitive information’ to influence the 2016 presidential election, no one is laughing now.

Enough is Enough: House Democrats Take Action to Protect Our Democracy

This week, Americans witnessed a desecration of our democracy not seen since Watergate. After weeks of dishonesty and secrecy, we saw cold, hard evidence that the Trump Campaign eagerly intended to collude with a hostile foreign power to influence an American election. The American people deserve to know what the Russians have politically, personally or financially on President Trump.

Republicans are failing at governance

This morning, Speaker Ryan claimed, “We’re well on our way on appropriations.”

That’s funny, because it’s July, and Republicans have yet to pass a single appropriations bill. There’s also been no jobs bill, no infrastructure bill, no budget, and no plan to avert a catastrophic default on the full faith and credit of the United States. Instead, House GOP has unveiled a bill that includes $1.6 billion in taxpayer funds for President Trump’s immoral, ineffective and expensive border wall.

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