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CA Families Face Spiraling Consequences Under GOP Tax Scam

Next week, California’s 14 House Republicans could cast the deciding votes in whether the GOP tax scam becomes law – a scam with uniquely devastating consequences for California’s families in particular. Why would these members vote for a bill that is so clearly damaging for their state and contrary to the best interests of their constituents?

CEOs Undercut Trump’s Promises on #GOPTaxScam

In their rush to pass the GOP tax scam, President Trump and Republicans in Congress have repeatedly claimed that their disastrous trickle-down economics tax scam will ‘create jobs’ for the middle class and ‘grow the economy.’  But, the truth is that the GOP tax scam will raise taxes on tens of millions of middle class families in order to hand deficit-exploding giveaways to the wealthiest and corporations shipping jobs overseas.

Trump Heads to Missouri Promoting #GOPTaxScam, A ‘Ginormous Revenue Loser’

Today, President Trump is heading to St. Charles, Missouri to cheerlead for a GOP tax scam that will directly hurt the families he will be speaking to.  And whatever snake oil he sells, there are some devastating consequences for Missouri you can bet President Trump and Missouri Republicans aren’t going to want to show to the families of the ‘Show Me’ state.

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