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At Georgetown Town Hall, Leader Pelosi Makes the Case for A Better Deal for Working Americans

Today, Leader Pelosi joined students for a town hall conversation moderated by Mo Elleithee at the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service to discuss Democrats’ bold economic agenda A Better Deal.  During the discussion she highlighted Democrats’ commitment to fighting for the economic security of hard-working Americans through affordable health care, a fairer tax code and adding millions of good-paying jobs.

Tax Week Headlines: GOP Tax Scam A Raw Deal for America’s Working Families

Even though Republicans sold their tax scam as a bill that will ‘pay for itself’ and bring much-needed relief to hard-working Americans, the truth was clear from the start:

The GOP tax scam ultimately raises taxes on 86 million middle class families to hand 83 percent of the tax cuts to the wealthiest one percent – while exploding the deficit by nearly $2 trillion.

Big Oil Scores Big Off of GOP Tax Scam

Last December, Republicans passed a GOP tax scam that abandons working families to hand massive tax giveaways to the wealthiest one percent.

And among the biggest beneficiaries are big oil companies – reaping billions of dollars in tax breaks from the GOP tax scam.

Big Banks Cash in Billions from GOP Tax Scam

Surprise, surprise.

Yet another analysis – this time from the Wall Street Journal – reveals big banks and Wall Street are the biggest beneficiaries of the GOP tax scam, not hard-working American families as Republicans promised.  

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