Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Has An Obstacle: His Own Budget Cuts

 TODAY, the White House unveiled their infrastructure plan, claiming ‘$1.5 trillion’ to invest in ‘our failing infrastructure and develop innovative projects.’

But here’s the reality: President Trump is actually only proposing $200 billion in federal funding, while his budget even slashes critical infrastructure funding to the Department of Transportation by nearly 20 percent and the Army Corps of Engineers by 22 percent.

NYT Opinion: Trumpfrastructure Is a Scam

While we desperately need new investment in public capital, Trump’s proposal – Trumpfrastructure? – isn’t remotely serious. At best, it would be a trivial sum of money pretending to be something big … How does it work?

The answer is, basically, that it doesn’t.

What this means is that we aren’t talking about a program to build infrastructure so much as a plan to convert what should have been public projects into private ventures, presumably with big tax breaks.

After robbing from our children’s futures to enrich corporations and the wealthiest with the GOP tax scam, the White House budget and infrastructure proposal are purpose-built to compound the cruelty.

Democrats are offering A Better Deal to Rebuild America: our bold, truly transformative $1 trillion plan to rebuild America’s broken infrastructure.  Five times bigger than the Trump plan, Democrats’ agenda will create more than 16 million good-paying American jobs, unlock the economic potential of every community and bring money into the Treasury.

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