Faith Leaders Agree: We Must Pass the DREAM Act Now!

Following President Trump’s heartless decision to terminate the DACA initiative and turn his back on vulnerable young immigrants, faith groups across the country have joined together to call on Congress for the immediate passage of the DREAM Act.  Religious organizations know that DREAMers’ courage and patriotism make America more American, and their deportation would destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people, cost the economy billions and betray the fundamental values of the American Dream.  Don’t take it from us –

Bend​ ​the​ ​Arc​ ​Jewish​ ​Action

“I urge you to support the swift passage of the bipartisan DREAM Act to create a path to citizenship for DREAMers, while opposing any measure that would use DREAMers’ families and other immigrants as bargaining chips.” [Bend the Arc Jewish Action, 9/5/17]

Church World Service

“Our faith calls on us to welcome our immigrant brothers and sisters, and with this decision, the administration has turned its back on the best of who we are as a country. As people of faith, we will not stand for this. We will do whatever is necessary to stand in full solidarity with DREAMers and protect them from the harm of deportation. I implore Congress to enact The Dream Act of 2017, and I call on all congregations to work side by side DREAMers, who are as much the future of this country as their peers born here, to realize the welcome God commands us to fulfill.” [CWS, 9/5/17]

Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

“As Jews, our people have known the experience of being ‘strangers in strange lands.’ Our past reminds us of the struggles faced by so many immigrants today. Because of this history, Judaism demands that we welcome the stranger and compels us to work for a just immigration system. It is imperative that Congress step up in support of these young people who grew up in the United States and who want to give back to the only country they know as home. We call on Congress to protect DACA recipients from deportation by immediately passing a clean bipartisan Dream Act of 2017 – and on the president to support it.” [RACRJ, 9/5/17]

Leadership Conference of Women Religious

“We will continue to advocate for bipartisan legislation that addresses our outdated immigration system. We will continue to stand in solidarity with families, regardless of immigration status, who labor daily to provide safety and security for their children. We will continue to walk with Dreamers and together with people of goodwill we will work to ensure that the dignity of all people is fully protected.” [LCWR]

Sister Simone Campbell, SSS, Executive Director of NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice

“For Dreamers, there is a bipartisan solution that has been introduced in both Chambers of Congress: the Dream Act. NETWORK wholeheartedly endorses the Dream Act and will tirelessly work for this and any permanent solutions. Our nation’s Dreamers and their families deserve our full support and protection.” [NETWORK, 9/5/17]

Sisters of the Good Shepard, National Advocacy Center

“The National Advocacy Center of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd welcomes the re-introduction of the DREAM Act in Congress. We thank Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois for working together across the aisle to bring back this bill. We pledge to work with them and others to help get this legislation passed into law and hope that both parties see the bipartisan nature of these children and mutually support passage.” [UCC, 8/1/17]

United Methodist Church

“A number of United Methodists are urging Congress to act on behalf of unauthorized immigrants who came to the U.S. as children. Their calls come as the Trump administration moved to end the program that shields these immigrants from deportation. Specifically, United Methodists are calling on Congress to pass — and for President Trump to sign — legislation that allows “Dreamers” to remain in the U.S. and provides them with a pathway to citizenship.” [UMC, 9/5/17]

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

“We strongly urge Congress to act and immediately resume work toward a legislative solution. We pledge our support to work on finding an expeditious means of protection for DACA youth. As people of faith, we say to DACA youth – regardless of your immigration status, you are children of God and welcome in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church supports you and will advocate for you.” [USCCB, 9/5/17]

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