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The GOP Agenda: Slash Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security

With the daily mayhem of the GOP White House and Congress, you may have missed that on Monday, another top Republican official blurted out the truth of the GOP plan to slash Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security if they control Congress next year. 

Reuters: Trump adviser eyes entitlement cuts to plug U.S. budget gaps

Jets, Yachts & the #GOPTaxScam

As Republicans struggle to convince the American people that the GOP Tax Scam helped working families, one group of people is decidedly, giddily #BetterOffNow:

Pence in Michigan, What You Should Know

Today, Vice President Pence is visiting Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he will undoubtedly try to tout the ‘success’ of the GOP Tax Scam for the Rich, while ignoring the real threats the GOP’s tax and health agenda poses to Michigan’s working families.

From health care to taxes to the economy, the Trump Administration continues to manipulate the truth.  But the American people are no fools.

Breaking the Bank: House GOP Tax Scam 2.0

To nobody’s surprise, the GOP’s latest tax bill will add even more to the deficit, further padding the pockets of the wealthiest 1 percent.  It’s just another step in their plan to use the massive deficit from their tax scams to justify ransacking the Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security that seniors and working families rely on.

Trump in North and South Dakota, What You Should Know

Today, President Trump goes to North and South Dakota.

He will attend fundraisers and meet with supporters, but we know what he won’t do: address the real issues facing hard-working North and South Dakota families.  Not to mention the ongoing GOP’s contentious court battle to attack health care coverage for 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions, which could strip health coverage away from hundreds of thousands of people in North and South Dakota.   

Trump in Montana, What You Should Know

Tonight, President Trump is heading to Billings, Montana to hold another one of his campaign rallies. 

He will likely attack the press and perhaps those that work at the White House too, go on and on about “draining the swamp” even though all evidence points to the contrary, and defend his SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  

What won’t he mention?  The ongoing GOP court battle to attack health care coverage for 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions.  (Let’s not forget that just last year in Montana, former GOP House Candidate Greg Gianforte body-slammed a reporter when asked a question about Trumpcare’s assault on people with pre-existing conditions.)  

GOP Assault on Americans’ Health Care Continues

Today, Republicans’ cruel assault on the health care of Americans with pre-existing conditions continued – this time playing out in a federal courthouse in Texas.

After voting to take away consumer protections for people with pre-existing conditions in their brutal Trumpcare bill, Republicans are now waging a court battle against the ACA putting in dire peril the health care of 130 million Americans who currently have health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, cancer, mental illness or substance abuse – and all those who will be diagnosed with a health condition in the future.   

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