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GOP Tax Scam’s Biggest and Only Factor

President Trump moments ago on corporate tax cut in GOP tax scam: ‘That’s probably the biggest factor in our plan.’

The American people agree: the vast majority of Americans say the tax bill helps the wealthiest few, not working families.

Everybody – Except Speaker Ryan – Knows Tax Cuts Don’t Pay for Themselves

SPEAKER RYAN THIS AM: ‘Nobody knows’ if the GOP tax scam’s tax cuts will produce enough economic growth to pay for itself.

Speaker Ryan, let us help: Everybody knows tax cuts for the wealthy do not pay for themselves, and the GOP tax scam is a monumental theft from the middle class to enrich the wealthiest 1 percent that will blow a hole in the deficit. 

Special Interests Drive the GOP Tax Scam

Yesterday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the GOP tax scam ‘is about the middle class’ and ‘about working families.’

Except it’s not. Special interests are standing behind Republicans’ tax bill that gives billions of dollars in tax breaks to corporations and the richest few, while leaving hard-working American families to foot the bill. And that’s exactly why big banks and wealthy CEOs – not the middle class – are the ‘most excited’ about the GOP tax scam.

Americans Know the Truth About #GOPTaxScam

Despite Republicans’ efforts to mislead the public about the GOP tax scam, the American people recognize it for exactly what it is: a bill that raises taxes on tens of millions of middle class families in order to hand deficit-exploding giveaways to the wealthiest and corporations shipping jobs overseas. According to a new Monmouth University Poll:

CA Families Face Spiraling Consequences Under GOP Tax Scam

Next week, California’s 14 House Republicans could cast the deciding votes in whether the GOP tax scam becomes law – a scam with uniquely devastating consequences for California’s families in particular. Why would these members vote for a bill that is so clearly damaging for their state and contrary to the best interests of their constituents?

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