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What’s in GOP Tax Bill? ‘We Don’t Know’

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady said the GOP’s ‘once-in-a-generation’ tax bill will be released next Wednesday.  And what’s in this ‘historic’ bill?  Who knows… Republican Leaders are writing their tax bill with such secrecy even Brady’s GOP colleagues literally don’t know what’s in it.  

Ryan-McConnell Tax Plan Hurts Millions of Working Families in California

When House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and his fellow California Republicans continue to push the Ryan-McConnell tax plan, they are working to raise taxes on middle class families in their own districts in order to give a multi-trillion dollar tax break to the wealthiest few in America.  The GOP repeal of state and local taxes would eliminate a critical deduction claimed by more than 6.1 million hard-working households in California, worth an average of more than $18,000.  

Ryan-McConnell Tax Plan: A GOP Fairy Tale

Republicans plan to pass a budget this week that devastates America’s investments in good-paying jobs, growing wages and the bedrock promise of a secure and healthy retirement – nothing more than a shortcut to the Ryan-McConnell tax plan’s deficit-exploding, multi-trillion dollar tax breaks for the wealthiest.

On MSNBC’s AM Joy, Leader Pelosi Calls for A Better Deal for Hard-Working Americans, Opposes Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Few

This morning, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi joined Joy Ann Reid on MSNBC’s AM Joy to discuss Republicans’ flawed Ryan-McConnell Tax Plan for Billionaires, which would cut taxes for the wealthy few on the backs of hard-working American families.  She also highlighted Democrats’ commitment to offering A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future by creating good-paying, full-time jobs, lowering the cost of living and building an economy that gives Americans the tools to succeed.

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