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Tax Week Headlines: GOP Tax Scam A Raw Deal for America’s Working Families

Even though Republicans sold their tax scam as a bill that will ‘pay for itself’ and bring much-needed relief to hard-working Americans, the truth was clear from the start:

The GOP tax scam ultimately raises taxes on 86 million middle class families to hand 83 percent of the tax cuts to the wealthiest one percent – while exploding the deficit by nearly $2 trillion.

Big Oil Scores Big Off of GOP Tax Scam

Last December, Republicans passed a GOP tax scam that abandons working families to hand massive tax giveaways to the wealthiest one percent.

And among the biggest beneficiaries are big oil companies – reaping billions of dollars in tax breaks from the GOP tax scam.

Big Banks Cash in Billions from GOP Tax Scam

Surprise, surprise.

Yet another analysis – this time from the Wall Street Journal – reveals big banks and Wall Street are the biggest beneficiaries of the GOP tax scam, not hard-working American families as Republicans promised.  

On Tax Day, House GOP Quiet on Their Own Tax Bill

It’s been reported this morning that NRCC Chairman Steve Stivers is urging House Republicans to sell the GOP tax scam on Tax Day because polling shows voters aren’t hearing anything about the tax bill from their Republican members of Congress.

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