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Trump in Wisconsin, What You Should Know

Today, President Trump is in Speaker Ryan’s Wisconsin district attending a closed-door fundraiser and touting the GOP tax scam for the rich at the groundbreaking of a new facility owned by Foxconn, a multinational company headquartered in Taiwan… just days after Harley Davidson, an American company headquartered a mere thirty miles away in Milwaukee, announced they would be shifting motorcycle manufacturing overseas.    

What You Should Know Before Trump Heads to South Carolina

Tonight, President Trump heads to Columbia, South Carolina to give what he calls a ‘campaign speech.’

But… we know what he’ll actually do: tout misguided ‘accomplishments’ like the GOP tax scam for the rich and sabotage of Americans’ health care, while ignoring devastating impact of Republicans’ agenda for hard-working families in South Carolina.

As Trump Visits Duluth, Minnesotans’ Health Care & Jobs Under Threat from GOP/Trump Policies

Today, President Trump is traveling to Duluth, Minnesota to host a roundtable with workers where he will undoubtedly herald the six month anniversary of the GOP tax scam for the rich.  Later in the evening, the President will do what he clearly loves best – headline a campaign rally where he will likely launch into a wild attack on core American values, denigrating immigrants, people of color, journalists, Democrats and the few Republicans brave enough to stand up to the leader of their party. 

Faith Groups Condemn Trump’s ‘Immoral’ Family Separation Policy

The Trump Administration continues their barbaric ‘zero-tolerance’ policy separating families at the border – literally ripping children out of the arms of their mothers and fathers – as they prosecute asylum seeking families at the border for illegal entry. 

In an attempt to defend their inhumanity, President Trump blamed others for his own policy, Attorney General Sessions quoted the Bible, and DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen tried to claim it wasn’t happening at all…

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