Boehner Flip-Flops on Immigration — Again

In the wake of mocking his GOP colleagues for refusing to act on immigration reform, Speaker Boehner returned to his tired, old talking points this morning:

“The American people don’t trust the President to enforce or implement the law…”  [GOP Press Conference, 4/29/14]

Really, Mr. Speaker?

An overwhelming 79 percent of Americans believe the #TimeIsNow for Congress to act on immigration reform.  191 House Democrats have signed onto the #DemandAVote discharge petition to bring the bill to the floor.  Several House Republicans recently called on the GOP leadership to move forward.  And more than 600 businesses, including the Chamber of Commerce, religious leaders, and agricultural groups have called for action.

But it seems like the Speaker of the House of Representatives has been held captive by the dark vein of intolerance caucus.  Mr. Speaker, why do you continue to ignore the priorities of the majority of Americans?  It’s time to demonstrate leadership and get serious about reforming our broken immigration system.