Boehner’s Partisan Lawsuit: More Important Than America’s Roads & Bridges?

Yesterday, Speaker Boehner & House Republicans wasted American taxpayers’ time and money passing a resolution to allow them to sue the President of the United States, paving the way for impeachment proceedings.  What could they have been doing instead of this partisan charade?  Pass the Senate-passed version of the Highway and Transportation Funding Act to achieve a long term reauthorization bill, for one.  Prominent transportation groups are pleading with the Speaker and the Republicans to address this urgent economic priority.

From the American Society of Civil Engineers:

I ask you to support passage of the bipartisan Senate-passed “Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 2014” (H.R. 5021) when it is considered by the House this week.  This legislation would ensure the solvency of the Highway Trust Fund through December 2014, allowing states to continue improving our nation’s surface transportation systems while Congress continues to develop a long-term, sustainable funding solution.

Our nation’s transportation systems are the backbone of the economy, providing jobs, linking communities, and bringing goods to our doorsteps.  Yet our funding mechanisms have not kept pace with the growth and needs of our nation.  If we allow the Highway Trust Fund to run dry, the U.S. economy will lose jobs, projects will stop, and productivity will come to a halt.

Please act now to sustain the Highway Trust Fund through the end of this year and continue to work on developing a long-term sustainable solution to funding our nation’s transportation systems.

From American Automobile Association (AAA):

As the nation’s largest organization representing motorists, AAA urges the House to act immediately to take up and pass the bipartisan Senate bill to extend funding for surface transportation programs…

Funding for America’s roads and bridges is yet again in imminent danger of running out.  It is imperative that you act swiftly to ensure the immediate solvency Highway Trust Fund; however congressional focus must remain a multi-year proposal that will meet the long-term needs of drivers.  This is accomplished in the Senate bill, which passed with broad bipartisan support.

The best short-term remedy is one that extends funding until December and positions Congress to work toward passage of a long-term, fully funded transportation bill…

AAA urges you to take up and pas the bipartisan bill without delay.

Mr. Boehner, it’s time to remove this imminent danger once and for all.  It’s time to act swiftly for the betterment of the United States’ roads, bridges, and transportation system.