Did Boehner’s removal of the GOP border bill from the House floor come as any surprise to anyone?  As if.  Just take a look at some previous bills – and negotiations – Boehner has pulled out or walked away from:

CBS: John Boehner walks away from debt talks [7/22/11]

Roll Call: Boehner Delays Vote, Considers Changes to Debt Bill [7/28/11]

The Daily Kos: House leadership blocks vote on payroll tax cut extension [12/19/11]

Bloomberg: Former Highway Bill Foe Boehner Scavenging for U.S. House Votes [2/17/12]

POLITICO: Cliff chaos: Boehner pulls GOP bill [12/21/12]

The Houston Chronicle: Boehner blasted for pulling Sandy aid bill [1/2/13]

The Associated Press: House Republicans Pull Health Care Bill After Backlash [4/24/13]

The Washington Times: House rejection of farm bill sows bad seeds for Boehner [6/20/13]

MSNBC: Boehner pulls shutdown bill in major defeat [10/15/13]

The Guardian: Boehner backs down and drops Republican demands on debt ceiling [2/11/14]

USA Today: House GOP kills last hope for immigration bill [7/10/14]

The Washington Post: Revolt within GOP quashes border vote [7/31/14]

Yes, the GOP’s inability to govern and demonstrate their seriousness to the American people remains on full display. MSNBC’s Bengy Sarlin said it best:

I remember the first time Boehner had to pull a bill it was treated as this historic event. Now it’s just Thursday.