Dear Democratic Colleague: On Opening Day, House Democrats Will Fight for Bigger Paychecks and Better Infrastructure for All Americans


January 5, 2015

Dear Democratic Colleague,

Congratulations to you and your family on your swearing in as a Member of 114th Congress.  The election demonstrated that the American people are hopeful that this new Congress can work together to grow our economy and in turn grow the paychecks of American workers.

Honoring that trust House Democrats on Tuesday will put forward a legislative package to increase paychecks for working families, and put Americans back to work building the roads and bridges our country needs and paid for by keeping our tax dollars here at home.

In sharp contrast to Republicans whose first vote in the new Congress will be to advance additional tax cuts for the wealthy and special interests, we will bring forward the Stop Corporate Expatriation and Invest in America’s Infrastructure Act, which prevents U.S. corporations from renouncing their citizenship to dodge paying their fair share of taxes.  It’s time to stop rewarding companies that move overseas, and instead use those dollars to create good-paying jobs here at home.

House Democrats will also put forward the CEO/Employee Pay Fairness Act: legislation to ensure that workers share in the fruit of their productivity, denying CEOs the ability to claim tax deductions on income over $1 million unless they give their employees a well-deserved raise.

The American people are owed an open and transparent debate on these issues.  Tomorrow, with their rules package, Republicans are shutting down the debate for both Democrats and Republicans.  This effort should be rejected.

In all that we do in the Congress, we must keep the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the American people at the forefront.  We must all be committed to doing this in a bipartisan way.  The New Year and the new Congress gives us a fresh opportunity.

I have been honored by your trust to continue leading our Caucus in the next two years, and today, I respectfully ask for your support when we vote to elect the Speaker of the House tomorrow.

Thank you for your leadership and friendship.

Congratulations again, best wishes and Happy New Year!