December Jobs Report

This morning, the Department of Labor released its jobs report for December 2010 finding the unemployment rate dropped to 9.4% – the lowest level in 19 months. They report the private sector grew for the 12th straight month, with 113,000 private sector jobs added in December and more than 1.3 million added in 2010:

Private Sector Jobs - December 2010

In total, 103,000 jobs were created last month and 1.1 million jobs in 2010 – more than President Bush created in eight years:

Jobs - December 2010

Leader Pelosi on the report:

Today’s jobs report provides evidence that the policies of the Democratic-led Congress are helping to create jobs and revitalize our economy – adding more jobs in 2010 than President Bush did over eight years. With so many Americans still looking for work, now is not the time to reverse course.

Republicans must join Democrats in focusing on putting people to work, instead of making their top priority repealing critical patient protections, putting insurance companies back in charge of the health of the American people and blowing a $230 billion hole in the deficit.

Building on the progress of the December jobs numbers – marking the last full month of Democratic leadership of the House – we will continue to measure every proposal by whether it creates jobs, strengthens our middle class, and reduces the deficit.