Democratic Budget Begins to Reverse Years of Neglect and Charts a New Direction for Middle Class

The President's statement this morning fails to grasp that middle-class families are working harder but earning less, while facing record gas prices, failing mortgages, and rising home heating bills. If President Bush thinks this is success, I would hate to see his definition of failure.

Even as middle-class families are struggling, the President's budget plan gutted energy independence, cut home heating assistance for seniors, undermined cancer research, robbed promised funding from K-12 education, and slashed Pell grants and college financial aid.

Democrats will pass a budget this week that rejects the President's misplaced priorities in each of those areas and begins to reinvest in the middle class. While the President's stubborn opposition will deny Americans the full investment they deserve in these priorities, the Democratic budget begins to reverse seven years of neglect and charts a New Direction that invests in energy independence, health care, and education for America's future.