Employee Free Choice Act Introduced In House And Senate

Sen. Harkin and Chairman George Miller at a press conference on the introduction of the Employee Free Choice ActToday, the Employee Free Choice Act was introduced in the House and Senate – legislation that would help enable workers to bargain for better wages, benefits, and working conditions by restoring their rights to form unions.

Speaker Pelosi:

The right to organize and bargain collectively is essential if American workers are going to receive fair wages, decent hours, safe workplace conditions, and health coverage to protect them and their families. The Employee Free Choice Act protects every worker's right to join a union if they wish to ensure better pay and benefits.

The House passed the same legislation and I look forward to the Senate's consideration of the bill and to working with Congressman Miller, Senator Kennedy, and Senator Harkin to send this pro-worker legislation to President Obama's desk as soon as possible.

Chairman George Miller

Americans' wages have been stagnating or falling for the past decade. For far too long, we have seen corporate CEOs take care of themselves and shareholders at the expense of workers. If we want a fair and sustainable recovery from this economic crisis, we must give workers the ability to stand up for themselves and once again share in the prosperity they help to create.

Leader Hoyer:

Today, Chairman Miller and Senators Kennedy and Harkin introduced legislation to give hard-working Americans the tools they need to secure fair wages and treatment at their jobs.

The right to organize and bargain for better wages, benefits and policies in the workplace is a valued American freedom made possible through the struggles of workers to ensure the prosperity of future generations.

The Employee Free Choice Act seeks to preserve that right by putting the decision of how to form a union back in the hands of workers, instead of their employers’. Whether employees choose to unionize by election or majority sign-up, this bill will make both options viable.

Employees deserve a fair choice, not a false choice, when it comes to their rights in the workplace and on matters that affect their livelihoods and their futures. Restoring employee choice is an important priority for this Congress and one we will look to act on quickly.

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