FACT CHECK: George Stephanopoulos to Speaker Boehner, 'Are You Sure That's True?'

In an interview with George Stephanopoulos this morning, Speaker Boehner said:

Speaker Boehner.  There are not the votes in the House to pass a clean CR.

Mr. Stephanopoulos.  Are you sure that’s true? The Democrats say they have 195 Democrats who have already signed a letter saying that they would vote it.  21 Republicans, 21 House Republicans have said they are for it, as well.  And Democrats are confident, you add those Republicans to the Democrats, a few more would come along and they have the votes.


Yesterday, 200 Democrats, including 195 voting Members, sent a letter to Speaker Boehner demanding a vote on the Senate-passed bill to re-open government.

Enough House Republicans have come out in support of this bill that it could pass the House immediately with a bipartisan majority TODAY.

There are no excuses left.  It’s time for Speaker Boehner to stop the games and end the Republican Government Shutdown.