Gallup Poll: Another Record Low for the Do-Nothing Republican Congress

A new Gallup poll released last week reveals stunning data: just 15 percent of Americans approve of the GOP-led Do-Nothing Congress – a new record low heading into a midterm year.  This would immediately change if House Republicans listen to Americans’ priorities and…

  • Jumpstart the middle class:
    • Investing in roads and bridges, and “Make It In America” by creating better jobs at home;
    • Ensuring that “When Women Succeed, America Succeeds” by passing legislation to ensure equal pay for equal work;
    • Providing affordable, quality education to keep America number one.

Americans oppose the GOP’s focus on partisan politics instead of policies that address the nation’s priorities.  They disapprove of the way the GOP is handling the humanitarian crisis at our southern border.  And,an overwhelming majority believe Boehner should direct his time at creating jobs, rather than on a theatrically partisan and taxpayer-spending lawsuit.  It’s time to get serious.