GOP Spending Bill (HR 1): The Losers By the Numbers

American Jobs

800,000: Private and public-sector jobs destroyed by domestic spending cuts

Jobs Rebuilding America

284,000: Private-sector transportation and infrastructure jobs lost

Educating America

218,000: Children kicked out of Head Start

55,000: Early Learning teachers, teacher assistants and related staff who will lose their jobs

7,000: Special education teachers and staff who will lose their jobs because of IDEA funding cuts

$845: Amount by which the maximum Pell Grant is cut

American Innovation

$1.6 billion: Cut to National Institute of Health – representing a significant setback in cancer and other disease research

20,000: Fewer researchers supported at the National Science Foundation

Helping Veterans & Women’s Health

ELIMINATED: $75 Million program that provides assistance to Homeless Veterans

ELIMINATED: Title X funding for women’s health services