Head in the Sand: GOP Continue to Defend Budget to End Medicare As We Know It

For the past two weeks the American people have been telling Congressional Republicans not to end Medicare as we know it in order to give tax breaks to Big Oil.

But the GOP refuses to listen. From the National Journal, Despite Firestorm, Republicans Not Changing Course:

Sometimes, the real education happens when school is out of session.

Home to their districts for two weeks, members of Congress took the House-passed fiscal 2012 budget out for its shakedown cruise. And Republicans, with plenty of help from Democrats and outside groups opposed to the GOP reduction of Medicare benefits for future enrollees, got tattooed.

Republicans appear determined not to change course, despite the constituent ire they faced in town halls over the Easter recess…

According to a new poll conducted by The Hill:

By a 20-point margin, more Americans oppose Medicare cuts as part of action to control the deficit.

By a 32-point margin, American women and, by a 27-point margin, Americans age 40-64 oppose these cuts to Medicare.

57 percent of Independents and 89 percent of Democrats support rolling back tax cuts for those earning more than $250,000 in an effort to reduce the deficit.

Democrats are committed to bringing down our deficit responsibly – we’ve done it before. Under President Clinton’s leadership, we balanced our books, created a budget surplus, and created more than 20 million jobs.

The GOP must not risk our nation’s economic growth and well-being for the sake of an ideological agenda that harms seniors’ health and weakens our middle class.