The Headlines Say It All: GOP Border and DACA Bills ‘A Slap to Immigrants’

Speaker Boehner and House Republicans, not too long ago, passed two cruel bills that strip down protections afforded to children fleeing violence and end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.  What’s been the media reaction since then?  It hasn’t been pretty.  See for yourself.

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The Washington Post: House passes two Republican measures in response to surge of child migrants

EFE: “Republicans Want to Deport 11 Million.”

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The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel Editorial: Another GOP failure on immigration

What’s more, a new Fox News pollreveals that 65 percent of Americans – including an overwhelming 56 percent of Republicans – want immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship over “no Congressional action at all.”  When will Mr. Boehner the House Republicans ever get serious about reforming the broken immigration system?