House Dems File DISCLOSE Act Petition; Will House Republicans DARE to Join?

Today, House Democrats, led by Rep. Chris Van Hollen, filed a discharge petition—that has already received over 140 signatures—to bring the DISCLOSE Act back to the floor for a vote.  While the Republican leadership paid lip service to transparency in the past, they refuse to put their floor schedule where their mouths are and allow a vote on this critical legislation.

Leader Pelosi and Rep. Chris Van Hollen on the discharge petition:

Next week, the Senate is moving ahead on the DISCLOSE Act.  With corporate and special interest money flooding our airwaves, the House should waste no time following suit.

And that’s just the first step.  For a new politics, free of special interest money, Congress must DARE to:

Disclose all donations and stand by your ad.

Amend the Constitution to overturn Citizens United.

Reform the system to empower the grassroots.

Elect reformers.