House GOP Takes Crass Partisanship One Step Further

House Republicans have repeatedly refused to act to #RenewUI for the nearly 2.4 million jobless Americans have lost unemployment insurance benefits – a critical lifeline which helps them feed their families and keep a roof over their heads as they try to get back on their feet with a new job.

Today comes the news that maybe House Republican leaders will bring a bill with a short term extension of UI to the floor but only if they add permanent tax cuts for special interests. From Roll Call:

Sessions said the five-month extension could serve as a partner for House-passed bills and other priorities, such as a permanent extension of so-called bonus depreciation for business investment.

“I’m engaged in conversation with others about putting accelerated depreciation on,” Sessions said.

It is apparently not enough for the GOP to do the right thing because it will benefit their constituents back home and strengthen the local and national economy.

Who is hurt by the Republican refusal to #RenewUI?

VETERANS: 270,000 veterans are among the 2 million unemployed workers who’ve lost access to federal unemployment benefits.

CHILDREN: This cut off has harmed more than 1.2 million children in affected families.

WOMEN: Long-term unemployment among jobless women workers is increasing. In February, the share of unemployed adult women searching for a job for six months or more grew to 37.7 percent up from 34.8 percent in January.

ECONOMY: The GOP’s failure to #RenewUI cost the economy nearly $5 billion through March.

193 House Democrats have signed the discharge petition to force a vote on extending emergency unemployment insurance for the millions of Americans who are searching for work because nothing is more important than the strength and stability of our nation’s workers, their families and the economy.