House Republicans: Disregarding Experts & Hurling Radical Border Proposals at Boehner

Self-acclaimed Republican border experts have been quick to push their partisan wish lists.  On the one hand, after failing to release their so-called border preferencesrecommendationsyesterday, they are evidently snubbing President George W. Bush’s former National Guard Chief who questioned the intent of placing National Guards at the border.

As Roll Call reports:

the group will..recommend putting National Guard troops on the Southwest border…

What’s more, another group of extreme House Republicans introduced their separate proposals – described by Roll Call as:

“farther to the right” of the GOP Task Force.

House Republicans keep moving in the wrong direction.  It’s no wonder Speaker Boehner is losing hope over addressing the humanitarian crisis at our southern border with so many radical and partisan proposals from his own Members.  Still, as he gears up taxpayer funds for his meritless and pathetic lawsuit, Americans are wondering: what will it take to get serious about confronting this humanitarian emergency?