Ideology Over Job Creation – How's That Working Out for GOP?

Instead of focusing on putting Americans back to work, House Republicans chose to advance their ideological agenda yesterday with a bill that would destroy jobs and set a dangerous precedent by offsetting the cost of critical disaster assistance for states and communities hard hit by recent natural disasters. So how did that plan work out for Speaker Boehner and the GOP? The headlines tell the story:

The New York Times – House Rebukes G.O.P. Leaders Over Spending

The Washington Post – GOP House leaders rebuked on spending‎

Politico – Vote on House spending bill reveals John Boehner’s lack of control

ABC News – Shutdown Showdown: House Delivers Blow to Boehner as Spending Bill Fails

CNN – House defeats Republican spending plan

CQ Today – Conservative Bloc Again Stumps Boehner & Co.

Bloomberg Businessweek – Republican Defections Kill Measure Needed to Avoid Shutdown

The Examiner – House GOP fails to force offsetting spending cuts for disaster aid

…leaving one question for House Republicans:

To rebound from Wednesday’s setback on a stopgap spending bill, Boehner and his leadership team will have to yield to Democrats on the funding of disaster relief or try to satisfy dissident Republicans, who want deeper across-the-board spending cuts. [CQ Today, 9/21]

But becoming more partisan won’t solve our country’s problems. Let’s hope the GOP has learned their lesson and is ready to join Democrats in focusing on America’s number one priority: job creation.