Middle Class to Boehner: Start with Man in Mirror & Change Your Ways

As he makes the rounds today, Speaker Boehner will continue pointing fingers and blustering about the middle class until he is red in the face.  But his salty language still won’t hide GOP’s record of punishing middle class families, and they have a message for the Speaker: start with the man in the mirror and ask him to change his ways.

Middle Class Wants Jobs & Economic Growth

Today’s Gallup poll is the latest showing job creation is America’s top priority; 28 percent of respondents say it is the best way to improve the economy.

Speaker Boehner has led the House for 562 days without offering a jobs agenda.

Speaker Boehner’s House Republicans voted 13 times against considering Democratic efforts to prevent or discourage the shipping of American jobs overseas and to crack down on offshore tax havens; and in favor of pro-outsourcing measures.

Speaker Boehner and his minions have jeopardized our economic growth by taking our country to the brink of default and threatening government shutdowns.

Middle Class Can’t Afford GOP Tax Hike

According to the latest poll from the Pew Research Center, Americans believe ending the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2 percent is fair and will help the economy.

Speaker Boehner and the GOP are holding tax cuts for 98 percent of Americans hostage to unnecessary and expensive tax breaks for the top 2 percent.

Speaker Boehner for months risked a payroll tax increase on the middle class while protecting the wealthiest.

The Speaker refuses to listen to the middle class, but maybe he will listen to Michael Jackson: