New Poll: Immigration Top Concern for Americans, 66 Percent Disapprove of Republicans’ Handling of Humanitarian Crisis at the Border

Speaker Boehner gracefully allowed the callous Tea Party Members of his Conference to kill immigration not too long ago.  But the “highly irresponsible” decision is at opposite ends from where Americans stand on the issue.  According to a new Gallup poll, immigration ranks as Americans’ top concern – the highest since 2006:

  • 17 percent of Americans believe we must address the issue – a 14 percentage point increase from January 2014.

Yet House Republicans are proliferating despicable rhetoric describing children as:

“…Criminals…” – Rep. Steve King

“Diseased..” – Rep. Louie Gohmert, Rep. Lou Barletta, Rep. Phil Gingrey, Rep. Randy Weber

“..Invaders…” – Rep. Michelle Bachmann

“[a] threat..” – Rep. Michael McCaul

It’s no wonder 66 percentof Americans disapprove of the way Speaker Boehner and congressional Republicans are handling the humanitarian crisis unfolding at the southern border.

Rather than wasting taxpayer money and desperately seeking to be in the limelight by pulling partisan, political stunts, Republicans must get serious about fixing our broken immigration system and addressing the humanitarian crisis.  The time is now.