No Surprise Here: House GOP Out of Session on One Year Anniversary in Majority with No Jobs Agenda

Today marks one year since Republicans took control of the House. We’ve got work to do, but the Republican House is marking the occasion by staying out of session while Americans are out of work.

Did the House GOP spend their time this year delivering a jobs agenda? Not even close. All the middle class got was:

A vote to end the Medicare guarantee

Express-Times (Pennsylvania) – The Morning Note: Killing Medicare is not what Americans asked for from the new Congress
The Talk Radio News Service – House Dems Tell GOP "Hands Off Our Medicare"
USA Today – Republicans in Congress get earful on Medicare
Los Angeles Times – Paul Ryan’s budget draws boos, highlights risk to GOP
The Brooklyn Paper – Bay Ridge to Grimm: Hands off our Medicare!
MarketWatch – More Costs, Fewer Benefits Likely for Medicare Seniors
National Journal – CBO Says Ryan Plan Would Raise Health Costs for Elderly

Protection for special interests and the wealthiest few

The Washington Post – Pearlstein: In budget debates, GOP runs afoul of fairness
Las Vegas Sun – The GOP makes a priority of tax breaks for the rich, corporations
NPR – GOP Objects To ‘Millionaires Surtax’; Millionaires We Found? Not So Much
ThinkProgress – Paul Ryan Dodges Fox News’ Questions About Whether He’ll Eliminate Tax Breaks For Oil Companies
Los Angeles Times – Tax on millionaires gets hostile GOP reception
Roll Call – GOP Assails Obama’s Millionaire Tax Plan

Made-up crisis after made-up crisis

Politico – GOP rebellion threatens spending proposal
ABC News – The Note: GOP Losing Ground In Battle Over Deficit
Talk Radio News Service – GOP’ers Pledge To Block CR Extension 
ABC News – Top Republicans Walk Out of VP Biden’s Debt Talks
Talking Points Memo – COLLAPSE: Boehner Pulls Debt Limit Bill Again, With Days Left Before Default
CBS News – John Boehner changes debt limit plan to secure Tea Party support
Eugene Robinson – The GOP’s dangerous debt game
The New York Times – The Republican Wreckage
CBS News – House rejects payroll tax cut compromise
Los Angeles Times – House vote leaves fate of payroll tax break unclear
ThinkProgress – Boehner Rejects Bipartisan Senate Compromise, Puts Tax Cut For 160 Million Americans In Danger

And while Republicans have had no shortage of rhetoric on their job creation record…

Roll Call – GOP Eyes New Jobs Message
Politico – GOP retools ‘cut-and-grow’ message
Roll Call – New Jobs Narrative for GOP
Politico – GOPers fear losing jobs message war

…it simply doesn’t match reality.