Our Nation Will End Soon Combat Operations in Iraq, on the Schedule President Obama Promised

America’s brave men and women in uniform have done everything that has been asked of them in the war in Iraq; they have performed excellently. Soon, our nation will begin a new chapter in this effort, ending combat operations on the schedule President Obama promised.

Throughout this war, the Democratic-led Congress has given our armed forces the support, armor, tools, and equipment to succeed and stay safe. We've improved oversight and accountability for the taxpayer funds dedicated to the war, and we've worked to return power to the Iraqis, end the war, and move our troops out of harm's way.

As our combat mission in Iraq comes to a close at the end of this month, we will continue to support and train Iraqi forces. Every day, the Iraqi people will assume more responsibility for their future — a future that the American people hope is one of peace and prosperity. This is the future for Iraq that our nation has sacrificed greatly to help ensure.

Our nation, and especially our troops, will still be required to make sacrifices; and those who wear our nation’s uniform have always demonstrated that they will bear any burden in the service of our country. But as our combat mission in Iraq comes to an end, we feel gratitude for those who have served, and optimism for the future.