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Pelosi Floor Speech in Support of House Democrats’ Motion to Instruct Conferees on GOP Tax Scam

Leader Pelosi.  Thank you, Mr. Speaker.  I thank the gentleman for yielding and thank him and the Democratic Members of the Ways and Means Committee [Richard Neal] for being committed to the truth, to the facts and to hear the distinguished Chairman of the Committee [Kevin Brady] say what he said about the budget is almost ludicrous. Almost laughable, if it weren’t so serious in terms of the impact that it has on America’s future.  He knows that in the last four, maybe even five years of the Clinton Administration, the budget was in balance or in surplus, the operational budget, and it was on a path to reducing the national debt until President Bush came in, gave tax cuts to the high-end, a giveaway to a pharmaceutical industry with the Medicare Part D legislation and two unpaid-for wars: that’s what the experts will tell you increased the deficit, that was on a path of – the national debt of going down – it was a swing, my colleagues, of eleven trillion dollars, to date, the biggest swing in history.

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