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Pelosi Statement on Hispanic Heritage Month

“Hispanic Heritage Month is a chance for all Americans to celebrate the extraordinary contributions of our vibrant Latino community to our nation.  For many generations, Latinos and Latinas have made America more American and moved our country closer to realizing our founding motto: E Pluribus Unum – from many, one.

Pelosi Statement on 24th Anniversary of Violence Against Women Act

“Twenty-four years ago, President Clinton signed the historic Violence Against Women Act and ushered in transformative progress to protect women from violence and abuse.  Almost a quarter century later, VAWA continues to provide critical support to victims, survivors and communities to work to better ensure they have the resources necessary to seek justice and receive care.

Jets, Yachts & the #GOPTaxScam

As Republicans struggle to convince the American people that the GOP Tax Scam helped working families, one group of people is decidedly, giddily #BetterOffNow:

Pence in Michigan, What You Should Know

Today, Vice President Pence is visiting Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he will undoubtedly try to tout the ‘success’ of the GOP Tax Scam for the Rich, while ignoring the real threats the GOP’s tax and health agenda poses to Michigan’s working families.

From health care to taxes to the economy, the Trump Administration continues to manipulate the truth.  But the American people are no fools.

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