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Pelosi Statement on School Shooting in Parkland, Florida

“Today, another American community is reeling from the horror of gun violence, perpetrated against innocent school children.  Our hearts ache for the people of Parkland, Florida and the entire Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School community.  Our deepest gratitude goes out to the heroic first responders who provided aid and comfort to those in need.  As the families and friends of the victims mourn and others wait for word from their loved ones, Americans everywhere share in their shock and grief.

Pelosi Statement Opposing Bill to Undermine the Americans with Disabilities Act

“For more than a quarter of a century, the Americans with Disabilities Act has advanced our nation’s mission to build a fair, equal and just future for all.  This milestone law has transformed the lives of the 55 million Americans who live with a disability, and shattered barriers to full participation in society.  Congress should be building on that progress, not undermining it.

With His Budget, Trump Proves GOP Really is ‘the King of Debt’

Yesterday, President Trump – aka ‘the king of debt’ – rolled out a cruel budget proposal that would sharply raise the federal deficit by more than $7 trillion, showing the compounding cruelty of the deficit-exploding GOP tax scam.

Now, President Trump’s budget proposal is being slammed from all sides – including from Republicans enraged that their President has pulled back the curtain on the GOP’s deficit hypocrisy:

Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Has An Obstacle: His Own Budget Cuts

TODAY, the White House unveiled their infrastructure plan, claiming ‘$1.5 trillion’ to invest in ‘our failing infrastructure and develop innovative projects.’

But here’s the reality: President Trump is actually only proposing $200 billion in federal funding, while his budget even slashes critical infrastructure funding to the Department of Transportation by nearly 20 percent and the Army Corps of Engineers by 22 percent.

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