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Pelosi Statement in Observance of Ramadan

“The Holy month of Ramadan is a sacred time of devotion and contemplation for Muslims in America and around the world.  This month, families will join together to honor their proud traditions and celebrate their spiritual renewal with loved ones.

COMPLICIT: House GOP’s Reckless Campaign to Cover-Up for President Trump’

President Trump likes to downplay Russia’s attack on our democracy and continues to undermine the legitimacy of the Special Counsel’s investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal – calling it a “witch hunt” and “based on an illegal act.”  The President is making things up again.  Unlike the GOP’s three-year Benghazi investigation, which found no wrongdoing whatsoever, the Special Counsel’s investigation has resulted in 22 indictments and five guilty pleas. 

Pelosi Statement on Gaza Violence

“What should have been a beautiful and joyous commemoration of Israel’s 70th anniversary was marred by bloodshed.  Today marks a deeply sad day for all who dream of a peaceful future for Israelis, Palestinians and the entire region. 

Pelosi Sends Letter to EPA and Navy Calling for Prompt Retesting at Hunters Point Shipyard Including Parcel A

Washington, D.C. – Today, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and U.S. Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer calling for the prompt retesting of areas of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard subject to massive potential manipulation and falsification of data, as well as the retesting of Parcel A to address residents’ concerns over the health and safety of the Hunters Point Shipyard community.

Trump Wants to Make China Great Again

Apparently, President Trump – who spent the last two years claiming he was going to ‘make America great again’ and put ‘America First’ is more concerned about jobs lost overseas than here at home. On Sunday, he tweeted:

Dear Colleague on GOP’s Radical Farm Bill

Dear Democratic Colleague,

Next week, House Republicans plan to push forward a partisan, radical Farm Bill that fails America’s farmers and food-insecure families.  House Republicans’ proposal was unanimously rejected by House Agriculture Committee Democrats, led by Ranking Member Collin Peterson.

I am writing to strongly urge all Democratic Members to refrain from offering or cosponsoring amendments, so that we can reject this bad bill and return to the table to craft a balanced, robust Farm Bill.  This bad bill reflects a bad process, in which the GOP leadership cynically rejected a decades-long bipartisan tradition that weds our rural and urban communities together.  

Trump to Trumpet Feeble Plan on Prescription Drugs

Today, President Trump is set to deliver a speech about prescription drug costs.

After accusing the pharmaceutical industry of ‘getting away with murder’ and making multiple bold promises to lower drug prices ‘very substantially in the not-too-distant future,’ President Trump and his Administration have not taken any serious action on the issue.

Even worse, the pharmaceutical industry has a firm grip on this Administration, wielding influence in top positions – including Alex Azar, Trump’s HHS Secretary and former top pharmaceutical executive.

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