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On CBS’ Face The Nation, Leader Pelosi Calls for 116th Congress ‘with Accountability to the Public”

This morning, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi joined Margaret Brennan on CBS’ Face The Nation for an interview on Democrats’ agenda in the 116th Congress including reducing the cost of health care and prescription drugs, increasing workers’ paychecks, and cleaning up corruption in Washington.  She also highlighted the accomplishment of record-breaking diversity in the 116th Congress with the new Democratic House Majority being more than 60 percent woman, people of color and LGBTQ. 

Pelosi Statement on Veterans Day

“Each Veterans Day, Americans take time to reflect on and honor the bravery and sacrifice of our heroic men and women in uniform.  For generations, our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, National Guardsmen and Reservists have stood for freedom and democracy wherever the call to serve has brought them.  From the trenches of France 100 years ago to the deserts and mountains of Iraq and Afghanistan today, the sacrifice of America’s servicemembers has safeguarded our democracy and defended our most cherished values.  And even in civilian life, our veterans continue to find ways to serve — as we see with the veterans among our firefighters and first responders battling the wildfires in California and helping communities evacuate. 

Pelosi Statement on the California Wildfires

“The hearts of every Californian and all Americans are heavy for the victims and families of all those impacted by the devastating wildfires burning throughout our state.  We grieve for those we have lost and pray that all those still in danger remain safe.  Americans across the country send our deepest gratitude to the brave, selfless first responders and fire fighters who are our nobility, and who are on the front lines protecting neighbors and strangers alike, fighting tirelessly to protect homes and keep our families safe.

On CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, Leader Pelosi Affirms ‘We have an obligation to try to find common ground’

Last night, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi joined Chris Cuomo on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time for a wide-ranging interview on Democrats’ priorities For The People in the 116th Congress, including reducing the cost of health care and prescription drugs, increasing workers’ paychecks, and cleaning up corruption in Washington. She reaffirmed Democrats’ commitment to working for all Americans and finding common ground with Republicans.

Pelosi Statement on the Passing of Mary Stanley

“Paul and I were greatly saddened to hear of the passing of a fearless, relentless champion for women: Mary Stanley.  Mary was an icon of the Democratic Party and of the Central Valley, and her loss will be deeply felt across our state and our country.

Pelosi Statement on Shooting in Thousand Oaks

“Our nation awoke to news of a mass shooting of staggering tragedy and heartbreak.  It is particularly wrenching that this attack was carried out at a bar hosting a college night, targeting innocent young people enjoying an evening of music and community.

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