Pelosi Announces $10 Million TIGER Transportation Grant for San Francisco’s Mission Bay

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today announcing a $10 million TIGER grant for transportation infrastructure at San Francisco’s Mission Bay biotech cluster and UCSF hospital:

“San Francisco has always led the way in infrastructure investments that grow our economy and spur prosperity for local communities.  This $10 million commitment for transportation at Mission Bay builds on that record: to create jobs in our city and serve as a model for sustainable development nationwide.

“Mission Bay co-locates technology, biotech, and science research and education with a new $1.5 billion UCSF hospital under construction, along with 6,000 housing units connected to a robust transit network.  This award will complete the street additions, highway off-ramps, bike lanes, pedestrian walkways, and transit additions necessary to serve this vibrant community.

“I was proud to advocate on behalf of this worthy project, and applaud Secretary LaHood for his continued commitment to rebuilding America.  The overwhelming demand among cities, counties, and states for TIGER transportation grants reinforces the urgent need to pass a robust, multi-year transportation bill to create jobs and strengthen our economy.”


Background: TIGER grants, created in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, are awarded on a competitive basis for projects that have a significant impact on the nation, metropolitan area or region. For fiscal year 2012, the Department of Transportation will be awarding $500 million in TIGER grants.