Pelosi Dear Colleague Urging Members to Support Omnibus Bill


December 17, 2015

Dear Democratic Colleague,

As Members of our Caucus continue to review the Omnibus bill, I write to urge support for the legislation.

First, I commend our appropriators, led by our outstanding Ranking Member Nita Lowey, for their strong, principled leadership for hard-working families in these tough negotiations.

The Appropriations Committee Members developed the legislation in bipartisan sessions, with some issues referred to the House and Senate Appropriations Chairs and Ranking Members. The remaining controversial measures were negotiated by Leadership staff with input from our Members. Contrary to tradition, there was never a meeting of the four House and Senate Leaders on the Omnibus.

Personally, I was dismayed by Republicans’ insistence on lifting the oil export ban in the Omnibus. However, Republicans’ desperate thirst for lifting the oil export ban empowered Democrats to win significant concessions throughout the Omnibus, including ridding the bill of scores of deeply destructive poison pill riders.

I commend to your attention a letter from our Appropriations Ranking Members detailing Democrats’ sweeping successes for America’s working families in the Omnibus, enclosed here.

Furthermore, while lifting the oil export ban remains atrocious policy, the wind and solar tax credits in the Omnibus will eliminate around ten times more carbon pollution than the exports of oil will add.

For myself, after long and serious study of the bill’s details, I concluded that while I detest lifting the oil export ban, I will not empower Big Oil to upend so many victories for hard-working American families.

As you pray and think over this decision, I hope you will join in making these critical achievements a reality for the American people.

Thank you for your leadership and friendship.

best regards,