Pelosi Dear Democratic Colleague: Thanks and Holiday Wishes


Dear Democratic Colleague,

It is with great pride that I write to thank you for the courtesies and respect House Democrats extended to each other during the final debate of the 113th Congress.

I appreciate Members leaving in doubt the number of Democrats prepared to vote for final passage, enabling us to maintain leverage in the last day’s negotiations hoping to remove the two most egregious riders.

However Members voted, a unity of purpose and a clarity of message came from our House Democratic Caucus.  In that positive spirit, we strengthened our position to achieve common sense solutions for the American people in the 114th Congress.  We hope to do so in a bipartisan way, but stand ready to sustain the President’s veto when necessary.

The inclusion of the outrageous campaign contribution provision gives further evidence of the need for campaign finance reform, and an opportunity for advancing initiatives to empower small donors and all American voters.

As we prepare to face important challenges ahead, we must all take time to enjoy family and friends.  Please accept my thanks and warmest personal regards for a glorious holiday season and a very Happy New Year.