Pelosi Remarks at House Democrats’ Press Conference on House Republicans’ Dangerous Homeland Security Funding Bill

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats gathered on the Capitol steps to highlight the recklessness of House Republicans’ dangerous Homeland Security funding proposal, call on House Republicans to stop playing games with the security of American families and, instead, come together with Democrats to restore certainty to the funding of Homeland Security.  Below are the Leader’s remarks:

“I’m very proud to be standing here with my colleagues and friends of the American Dream on the steps of the Capitol.  We are here to honor our oath of office: to protect and defend the American people.  That is our first responsibility.  And passing a Homeland Security bill would help us do just that.

“In December, the Republicans were frivolous with it and decided they would kick the can into the new year.  That was in December – they said: no, we’re not going to fund Homeland Security for the next year.  In January, a horrible, horrible terrorist attack took place in Paris.  You think it would have heightened the urgency to pass a Homeland Security bill, but Republicans still say ‘no,’ still say ‘no’ to passing a clean bill, unless they can be a menace to immigration.

“Our President acted in the absence of Congress passing – the House Republicans passing – an immigration bill; it passed in a bipartisan way in the Senate.  They didn’t want to pass Homeland Security; they don’t want to pass an immigration bill.  The President has acted in the absence of that.  When he did so, he did so with full legal authority and clear precedent of every president – Democratic and Republican – since Eisenhower.  And they want to overturn that.  What are they thinking?

“No bill in December, Paris – the world is galvanized on security, but not the House Republicans.  Pass an immigration bill.  Pass a clean Homeland Security bill.  Let’s get our work done so we can move on to creating jobs for the American people.  That’s what they sent us to here to do.


“This is frivolous.  They know this will not become the law.  They’re hoping the Senate will bail them out.  Why don’t we live up to our responsibilities in a bipartisan way here to protect and defend the American people, to live up to the character of our country which is a nation of immigrants?

“In the interest of time and temperature, I will associate myself with all of the remarks of my colleagues, thank them for their leadership and thank all of you for joining us this morning.  Je suis Charlie!