Pelosi Spokesman Statement on Speaker Boehner’s Decision to Intervene in California DOMA Case

Washington, D.C. – Drew Hammill, spokesman for Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, released this statement following the House Republican leadership’s decision to appeal a Defense of Marriage Act case in California through the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG):

“The District Court in Northern District of California flatly rejected the arguments of Speaker Boehner and his taxpayer-funded lawyers that insulted millions of Americans and their families.  The court made it clear that there is no legitimate interest in denying a class of couples the rights and responsibilities guaranteed to married couples under state law.

“Over the past year, the initial $500,000 in outside legal fees Speaker Boehner plans to spend has tripled to $1.5 million without any vote of the BLAG.  That is a tremendous amount of taxpayer money expended, on a purely partisan basis, to defend discrimination.  With progress on marriage equality coming from all corners of our country, Speaker Boehner would have been better served and saved taxpayers’ money if he had more carefully reviewed the district court’s ruling and had declined to file a notice of appeal.”