Pelosi Statement on the 2012 Election

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement on the results of the 2012 election:

“In last night’s election, House Democrats surpassed historical trends and recent predictions – more than doubling the seats historically gained by a President’s party in a re-election campaign.  While we are very proud of those outstanding Members of our Caucus who will not be returning to the House, as a result of Chairman Steve Israel’s magnificent leadership, we won at least 200 races on Tuesday.

“In January, the Democratic Caucus will bring to the 113th Congress the first ‘majority-minority’ Caucus in our history, reflecting the great diversity and strength of our nation.  This larger, more diverse Caucus will play a greater role in support of President Obama and our colleagues in the Senate.

“President Obama’s victory reflects the American people’s optimism and their renewed confidence in his leadership.  We celebrate President Obama’s re-election, pledge to work alongside him on our top priorities: creating jobs, strengthening the middle class, protecting Medicare, and growing the economy.  We will stay focused on reigniting the American Dream, building ladders of opportunity for anyone willing to work hard, take responsibility, and play by the rules.  We have work to do, and we stand ready to work with President Obama and across the aisle to move our nation forward.”