Pelosi Statement on Appointment of Theresa Grafenstine as House Inspector General

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced today that Ms. Theresa Grafenstine will be the next Inspector General of the U.S. House of Representatives.  The appointment was laid down on the House floor this afternoon and was made jointly by the Speaker and the Majority and Minority Leaders.  Ms. Grafenstine, currently the acting IG, replaces IG Jim Cornell, who retired earlier this year.

“Theresa Grafenstine brings a record of integrity and excellence to the Office of the Inspector General.  Her appointment comes after the unanimous bipartisan recommendation of a panel of Members of the Committee on House Administration.

“Ms. Grafenstine will be an independent voice in continuing our efforts to ensure accountability and transparency in financial matters and the management of House operations.  She will also make history as the first woman to lead the Office of Inspector General.  Her decades of experience in government, including 12 years in the House’s Office of Inspector General, will ensure that the people’s business is conducted with efficiency and that public funds are used responsibly.  She will play an essential role in the House and all of us are grateful for her energy and experience.’