Pelosi Statement on Blocked Immigration Reform

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi published the following statement on the Senate’s failure to invoke cloture on comprehensive immigration reform bill:

‘Today, Republicans in the Senate had an historic chance to act in the interests of the American people, but chose not to. Although the immigration bill before the Senate was far from perfect, it would have served as a starting point to address this critical issue for our nation.

‘During the entire process, newly elected Democratic majorities in both the House and the Senate have been committed to fixing a problem that past Republican Congresses have ignored for years. The President had an obligation to the American people to persuade his fellow Republicans to pass a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill.  Unfortunately, he was unable to do so.

‘Instead, Republicans in the Senate blocked a bill that attempted to fix our nation’s dysfunctional immigration system.  In doing so, they have failed the American people.

‘Our immigration system needs to honor the promise of America and recognize the enormous contributions that immigrants make to our nation.  But it must do so in a way that makes our nation safer, protects all workers, and restores the rule of law.’