Pelosi Statement on the Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Chen Guangcheng’s Arrival in the U.S.

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement upon news that Chinese lawyer and human rights activist Chen Guangcheng and his immediate family have arrived in the United States:

“The arrival of Chen Guangcheng to the United States is a milestone in the cause for human rights in China. The courage of Chen Guangcheng to risk his life and livelihood to advocate for disadvantaged people in China is an inspiration to freedom-seeking people around the world. I am happy that Mr. Chen is now able to safely study in the U.S., and he and his family can now pursue their goals.

“I am extremely proud of the efforts of Secretary Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration to successfully engage the Chinese government at the highest levels to produce an outcome that honors the values of our nation.

“Sadly, the plight of Chen Guancheng’s family is not over. In recent days, there have been disturbing reports that Chinese authorities are targeting his extended family and supporters who are still in China. It is essential that a bright light continues to shine on Mr. Chen’s family and the many Chinese people who are fighting against corruption and for human rights in China.”