Pelosi Statement on FCC Measure for Greater Transparency in Politics

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after House Republicans on the Appropriations Committee reversed their position and will no longer attempt to block a Federal Communications Commission rule to require television broadcasters to post their political ad files online:

“Today, House Republicans reversed their opposition to a step for greater transparency in our politics.  For a brief moment, Republicans saw the light, and as a result, America’s voters will benefit from increased accountability, expanded disclosure, and more access to information about the campaign ads flooding our airwaves.

“Democrats have fought to ensure our campaigns are fairer, our politics is more open, and our elections are conducted on a level playing field.  Earlier this year, the FCC’s new rule marked a step forward in this effort, part of our broader drive to create a new politics free from special interests.

“With this small victory, we must keep moving ahead: to promote disclosure; to amend the Constitution and reverse the devastating effects of Supreme Court decisions that put special interests ahead of the public interest; to reform the system and empower the grassroots.  We must ensure that the voices of the people determine the outcome of our elections, not the checkbooks of the few.  We must build on today’s shift by House Republicans and work together toward a future of openness in our politics.’